Touch and Teach Turtle

Vtech Touch and Teach Turtle

Many toys these days have a double purpose-one is to give amusement to the child and the other is to teach him or her something educational. The Touch and Teach Turtle, a VTech Infant Learning toy, belongs to this new generation of toys as it is introduces toddler-appropriate concepts in a fun way!

Touch & Teach Turtle features:

  • 16-page book for learning letters and shapes
  • Colored light-up buttons that interrelate with the book
  • Eight buttons that teach music and numbers
  • Includes three modes of play: Letter Mode, Story Mode and Music Mode
  • With a handle for learning on-the-go

Teaching your toddler numbers, colors, letters and words, animals and various shapes has never been this fun and interactive with the cheerful turtle from VTech! The Touch and Teach Turtle has a brightly illustrated 16-page book and colorful light-up buttons that correspond with the pictures and numbers on the book. It also comes with interesting stories and entertaining music that your toddler will surely be amused about. This toy reacts to your baby’s interaction, making every playtime unique. And the more he or she continues to play with it, the faster he or she can learn about shapes, sounds, the alphabet and the melodies!

This educational toy has 3 different modes:

  • The Letter Mode: This mode has light-up color buttons which help teach your child to recognize shapes, letters and 30 corresponding objects.
  • The Story Mode: You only have to flip the switch to activate the Story Mode where the number buttons play different sound effects and the light-up color buttons plays small stories about the various objects.
  • The Music Mode: Flip the switch one more time to activate the Music Mode which plays assorted melodies and sound effects for your child to learn and remember.

This unique interactive learning toy makes a good birthday gift to toddlers above 12 months old. The VTech Touch and Teach Turtle comes with free 2AA batteries so that the child can immediately enjoy the toy upon opening the package. It also has a handle for on-the-go learning and its pages are water-proof to make it durable and long-lasting!

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