Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

Vtech 3 in 1 Smart Wheels
Learning does not have to be a sitting down activity. Make it fun and on-the-go by giving your toddler the 3-in-1 Smart Wheels by VTech.

3-in-1 Smart Wheels features

  • Versatile and convertible
  • Three modes: tummy time mode, rocker mode and ride-on mode
  • Teaches letters, numbers, colors and shapes
  • Colorful and sturdy

Benefits of the Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

This colorful convertible educational toy, Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels grows with your baby. The tiniest babies can enjoy tummy time using the pull-put panel and colorful light-up dashboard complete with a steering wheel, horn, turn signals and a built-in cell phone. This busy box will also surely keep your child busy learning the alphabet in a fun and easy way!

As your baby grows older and bigger, the 3-in-1 Smart Wheels converts into a rocker where the pull-out panel is placed in front for continued fun and learning. This time, your child can learn about shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet while rocking-you can play music to make your child rock with the beat. Just make sure that the child can already stand and walk on his own before converting the 3-in-1 Smart Wheels into a rocker.

When your toddler is ready to ride and roll, just flip the rockers at the side to get the wheels to touch the ground. Your child can take the lessons on-the-go while developing gross motor skills at the same time. Little by little, your toddler may learn new words without having to get off the toy. This smart learning toy can also be used for role plays and other fun activities that your child can discover on his or her own.

Safety Note About the Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

Still, because the product does not have a belt to hold the child in place, parents should supervise while the child is playing to avoid accidents. Also, it is recommended that the conversion of the 3-in-1 Smart Wheels into the higher version be made only when the toddler is ready to move on.

Why We Love the Vtech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

This long-lasting grow-along toy from VTech is surely the perfect gift for any toddler, no matter what age. The 3-in-1 Smart Wheels also comes with 3AA batteries.

Help your child develop various learning and motor skills appropriate for the child’s age with the VTech 3-in-1 Smart Wheels!

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