Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center Review

Parent’s Review of the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center
Have you seen the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center? While we were visiting my brother and sister in law to help with their new baby, we had a bit of a problem – we didn’t have any of my son’s normal toys. I had originally only planned on staying for a few days, and ended up staying for over a week. While working from home does have its advantages, it can also be a pain when you don’t bring everything you need for a long trip. Once I realized we were going to be there for a bit longer, I knew I had to purchase some toys for my son or there was going to be a very unhappy toddler.

While I could have just had my husband send something, I refused to pay half the cost of a toy in shipping. That just didn’t seem very practical to me. Instead, I went to Amazon and started looking at a variety of different toys. I wanted something that would keep his attention, as well as be educational. After reading some different reviews online, I went with the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center. Here is what I thought of this cute toy after using it for over two weeks.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: Assembly

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity CenterI will be honest with everyone, I usually depend on my husband for putting together baby toys. With him working and me being over an hour away, I was left to put this toy together myself. When I took it out of the box, I thought it was going to be frightening since it did have some odd pieces. Thankfully, it was super easy to put together and took less than ten minutes to fully assemble. I say this is mostly due to the great instructions – something I have always loved about Baby Einstein toys!

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: Durability

While I consider my little boy a bit hefty, he is actually quite small compared to other boys his age. Part of this is due to him being born a bit earlier than expected. For this reason, he seemed to fit perfectly in the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center. I was a bit concerned since I read some reviews talking about how it was too small, other saying it was too big even for a six month old. Since my son is closer to the size of a ten month old, I would say it seems to be just right. With the three adjustable height setting, I was able to get adjusted perfectly for my little boy. As well, many of the toys seem to be made for babies who are a bit rough. He is able to pull and push on the toys and they don’t seem to budget, making it perfect for little boys!

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: Kid Friendly

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center When I first saw the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center, I knew my baby would love it. Unlike most activity centers, it has a variety of fun toys and has a little keyboard, allowing him to interact more with the activity center. The keyboard itself has three different modes, playing a variety of classical songs. Some of the play center also play ocean noises (this isn’t surprising since the toy is ocean themed). While the keyboard is detachable, I have not used this feature since I prefer keeping it inside the toy and making it something special for my son. What really makes the toy in my son’s eyes is the fact that the seat turns a complete 360 degrees (full circle) and has eight colorful toys. Most of these toys are cute little sea animals that make sounds or move in certain ways. Some of the toys he hasn’t figured out yet, but I’m not too worried. I think as his motor functions improve, he will learn how to play with these adorable toys. I love having a toy that can grow with him!

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: What Others Think

Based on my own experience with this toy, I couldn’t be happier! While it’s not a jumper, it is still very educational and has encouraged my little boy to explore. When I did bring it home, my husband was even excited to play with it with my son, leading to some quality boy time. From my own family’s experience, I can easily give this toy a 5 star rating. On Amazon, where we purchased the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center, it has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. It is easy to see why this toy is so popular! Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about this activity center!

” We bought this for my son when he was 4 months old. It was the first toy/baby item that he actually liked. Our baby likes to be on the move – you have to be walking while holding him, or bouncing him, etc. He did not like his swing at all, and could only be content in his bouncy chair for 10 minutes. We bought this activity center and from the first day, he loved it. He was a little young at first, he couldn’t quite reach all the toys or know what to do with them. By 4.5 months, he was happily playing in it if we were right next to him. He just turned 5 months and he can reach everything and entertain himself while my husband or I prepare dinner.

I like that there are 3 height settings which allow him to grow and still play in it. He’s already on the 2nd setting, but I expect we still have at least a month left before he outgrows it.

I wasn’t sure about getting an activity center/ exersaucer vs. a jumperoo. I ended up buying this one because it had high ratings, lots of toys and was a good price. My son did try a jumperoo at a friend’s house, which he also liked, but was entertained as long in that as this activity center. I know we made the right decision.”

” The Neptune Activity Saucer is a nice, durable, safe toy that provides an array of sights, sounds and movements that will stimulate your baby’s senses as he/she embarks on their journey of learning. I recommend this saucer because it has tangible features that allow for interaction, such as the ring that you pull for sound effects and music, and a toy that you simply push down on that activates a spinner. The height can be adjusted for three different levels, and the base is solid and lightweight. The assembly of this saucer was completed in a minimal amount of time, which is always good. Good product overall.”

” We bought this when our 4.5 month old daughter seemed to get bored with the lack of toys/places to play in our house. She is on the short side, 24 inches, so we have to put a little pillow under her feet still on the smallest setting. She really seems to like the toy so far. Her favorite right now is the plastic fish hanging from the turtle, because it is the easiest to get to. She loves chomping on it. It is also easy for her to spin around in the seat to get access to the different toys. I can tell she will still enjoy this as she grows and figures out more of the activities.

It took about 30-40 minutes to put together, because there are a lot of small pieces, but it was not too difficult to figure out. The instructions are they type that just show pictures and numbers, not words, so make sure you really look at them. All in all, we would definitely recommend this to other parents.”

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: Where to Purchase

Want to know where you can purchase the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center? I have seen it in a few big box retailers, but I found that Amazon had one of the best prices for this toy online. When you take into account the hassle of going to a store, I really prefer buying most of my baby toys online. As well, you don’t have to worry about fitting bulky toys in a vehicle. If you want to have great customer service and pay the best prices on baby items, I highly recommend making all your purchases on!

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center: More Reviews

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