Boba Wrap Classic Carrier

Parent’s Review of Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier

Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier
Have you seen the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier? While I have tried quite a few baby carriers and baby wraps, I had never seen the Boba Wrap. I had seen it in reviews online, but had never personally tried it, mostly since I have other brands of baby body carriers that I purchased when my son was first born. With one of my closest friend getting ready to have a girl, however, I wanted to do what I could to help her prepare for her new little arrive. One of the things she is dead set to find is a good baby wrap, one that can be used not only while her little girl is an infant, but can handle her through her toddler years.

While I have quite a few in my own house, she just didn’t like the feel of any of them when she tried wearing my son. After awhile, we went to the internet and found the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier. Even though I wasn’t too sure about it at first, we purchased it on Amazon and decided to try it with my own son. After trying this wrap for the past two weeks, here is what we think of this very popular baby wrap!

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: Quality

Boba Wrap Classic Baby CarrierFrom the moment I took the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier out of the box, I was amazed at just how well made this wrap was compared to most of the ones I have owned. I have had canvas looking carriers die after a year of use, and others that my son just couldn’t stand being in since it felt so terrible against his skin. The Boba Wrap Classic Carrier, however, is extremely soft  and made of very high quality French terry. In all honesty, it feels like a very high quality sweatshirt, making it comfortable for Mommy and Baby.

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: Wearing

Boba Wrap Classic Baby CarrierOne of the very first mistakes I made when purchasing my first baby wrap was assuming it would be easy to put on. I eventually gave up trying to put it on myself and just asked my husband to help me with it every time we went out, forgoing wearing it around the house. Seeing that this defeated the purpose of having the wrap, we eventually started experimenting with different wraps. When I first helped my friend put on the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier, I was in shock at how easy it was to put on. After watching a video on their website, we were able to easily put it on without assistance, something that is just truly amazing for a baby wrap. As well, this wrap has no ties, snaps, or buckles, making it overall safer for you and your baby.

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: Usability

Boba Wrap Classic Baby CarrierAs for the overall usability of the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier, I have to say that I love how easy it is put on. By being able to put it on quickly, you can enjoy putting your baby to sleep naturally without music or other distractions. Nothing is better than being able to help your baby sleep through your own body heat, scent, and heartbeat. I borrowed my friends wrap for the day and found that it was everything it claimed to be and more. What I found to be the most useful feature of the Boba Wrap Classic Carrierwas the fact that it makes breastfeeding easier and more discreet in public. By rearranging your baby, you can have them up against you breast and feeding without bothering others, making it much easier than sitting in a nasty bathroom or throwing a towel over yourself. Having an extra baby item that helps me with breastfeeding I think is amazing and I’m seriously consider purchasing this carrier for myself for when we go out in public together. In all honest, I can’t think of a wrap that is more than useful this one!

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: What Others Think

So far, everyone loves the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier, including my son. He has no problem being worn by me or my friend. Best of all, everyone seems to be comfortable, being the best case scenario for anyone who likes to wear their baby and keep them close. In all honest, I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant since it is so much easier to put on then many of the others on the market. Currently, the Boba Wrap Classic Carrier has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, making it one of the most popular baby items on Here is what other parents and grandparents have to say about this baby wrap!

” I bought my wrap while still in the hospital after having my baby & it arrived the day we got home (love amazon prime!). I never used a wrap with my older daughter but did babywear her. After watching a few YouTube videos & practicing putting it on I really fell in love with it. It took practice in the beginning like any baby carrier I’ve used but once I got the hang of it it was perfect. I had a very difficult baby in the beginning (reflux, had to change formula a few times) & she didn’t sleep well. The only way my newborn would nap for any period of time was when she was worn. She would sleep 2 hours in this carrier but if she wasn’t in the carrier I’d get lucky if she would sleep 20 minutes.
The wrap kept me sane…seriously.”

” I cannot overstate how much we LOVE the boba. We had been given a Bjorne & ergo used from friends but our 6 lb 8 oz baby disappeared in them. We looked for something for smaller than 8 lb babies online & tried the boba. Don’t be intimidated by thinking its complicated to tie– the picture directions that come with make it very easy. Once our little lady developed reflux & stopped sleeping well day & night, the boba absolutely saved us. She could sleep comfortably upright in it & I could still get things done. Now she sleeps well at night but is still a bad napper. When all else fails, putting her in the boba always always works. A friend at lunch was so amazed when my baby started to get tired & fussy, I popped her in the boba & she just passed out in 2 minutes. 🙂
My friend is pregnant & went home & added it to her registry! We run all kinds of errands and shop with this too– so much easier than toting a car seat, my hands are free & baby is more snuggled and happy. Its made of very nice soft fabric & it washes well. I’ve even worn this on 100 degree days and while carrying a baby around will be hot in that weather no matter what, the fabric is surprisingly breathable. I’d give the boba 100 stars if I could. I will buy this for every pregnant friend from now on. It’s one of my three all time favorite worth their weight in gold baby things (other 2 are rock & play sleeper & miracle blanket)”

” As an experienced sling user I have never really liked stretchy wraps however, after trying the Boba Wrap I have been converted. The instructions are easy to follow and give even a novice a clear guide as to what to do. The baby wearing safety material also provided helps to ensure the sling is used according to safe baby wearing practices but allows the wrap to remain comfortable for both the mother/father/carer and child to wear. I would (and have) definitely recommend purchasing this wrap if looking for a simple to use ergonomically designed sling.”

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: Where to Purchase

While you can purchase the Boba Wrap Classic Carrierat many big box retailers, we got ours at Instead of the normal 2 designs that are available in stores, we had over 12 different options to choose from. My friend ended up getting a very cute teal color, which can be shipped to you in less than two days through Amazon. With Amazon’s great cutomers service, free shipping, and selection why shop anywhere else for your baby items?

Boba Wrap Classic Carrier: More Reviews

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