Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib

Parent Review of the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib
Have you seen the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib? With my sister finding out she is having a new baby, we have been busily searching for a new crib. Wanting something unique and different, we ordered quite a few cribs to try out and see which crib we would prefer keeping for the new baby. Having already assembled and reviewed the DaVinci Piedmont 4 in 1 Crib and Athena Daphne Convertible Crib and Changer, we were excited when the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib finally arrived.

So, why did we like the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib so much? For one, were curious if a crib under $200 could actually compete with the other cribs we had purchased.  We had always heard that with cribs, you get what you pay for. With how great the reviews were on this crib, however, we really couldn’t resist. After assembling and testing this crib, we were quite surprised with how much we liked this crib. Here is what we thought of the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib!

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: Assembly

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib
While the crib itself wasn’t very heavy, I was very happy that the UPS guy offered to bring the crib into my sister’s nursery. It is a bit bulky and would have been a challenge for both of us to carry in, especially with two toddlers. Having seen some of the horror stories on Amazon, I was worried that this crib was going to be badly damaged and have to be shipped back. Luckily, the crib came in all one piece, but it could have easily had more packing for the protection of the crib. Since the crib wasn’t damaged, I can’t really complain too much.

As for assembling the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib, I was surprised at just how easy this crib was to assemble. It took the two of us about an hour to assemble this crib, and I expect it would take someone with a bit more experience about 30 – 45 minutes to assemble this Graco crib. The directions were very easy to understand and we had no issues assembling the crib itself. Moving it was also easy since it is one of the lightest cribs I have seen to date.

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: Durability

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib
When my sister first chose this white crib, I was bit a worried about it being a crib under $200. I worried that it was going to be cheap and easily fall apart – something you don’t want with a baby. Since she was determined to try it, I thought I would give it a fair chance. After putting together this crib and letting my son play in it, I have to say that I’m glad I did! This crib is lightweight, sturdy, and has a historical elegance that you normally only see in high end cribs. While the wood is a bit soft, it doesn’t scratch as easily as I had expected, making it perfect for little babies who are hard on their cribs. Parents also have the comfort of knowing they have a crib that meets JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC safety standards.

What I liked the most about the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib is that it has an amazing warranty. Most cribs have a one year limited warranty, something that can be frustrating for parents. This Graco crib however, has a 5 year limited warranty, allowing you to easily get it repaired if there are issues.  One of the other things I like about this crib is that it has the highest max weight I have ever seen in a crib – 48 pounds! This means that your child can easily be in the crib as long as necessary.

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: Usability

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib
Like most convertible cribs, the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib is designed to grow with your child. It converts from a crib, to a toddler bed, to daybed, and finally, a full size bed with headboard and footboard.  What is most impressive is that you do not need guard rails to convert the crib into a toddler bed, saving parents a bit of money! The only thing parents need to buy for this crib is a mattress, bedding, and a full size bed frame when kids are ready to convert to a full size bed.

If you are short like me, you will be also be happy to know that this crib has a three position mattress platform. This is important for some short parents since it allows them to easily get their child from the crib without needing a step stool. As well, the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib easily fits in small spaces, something that is important for my sister since she is needing the nursery to fit two growing children.

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: What Others Think

I have to admit, the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib really surprised me. While it may not be as elegant as some of the $400 or $500 cribs, it is practical and perfect for parents who are on a budget. I personally love that it looks like a historical crib, allowing you to make a fun, gender neutral nursery that goes with just about any theme. We personally give the crib a 4.5 rating. The only reason we don’t give it a 5 is that we thought the crib itself could have been shipped with a bit more protective packaging. The packaging issue is the main reason this crib has a 4.0 rating on Amazon. Other than that, it is the perfect crib for young families. Here is what others are saying about this adorable crib! As well, you have 90 days to return this crib to Amazon, giving you plenty of time to determine if this is the right crib for you!

“Very easy to assemble. Came in excellent shape with no damage. Happy with purchase. Would definately recommend to others. Good product and good price.”
“My husband and I were able to put it together in about 30 minutes from start to finish. Very easy to do with 2 people and the instructions were easy to understand. Price was cheaper than at the store where I had originally found this crib – and the free shipping was great!”
“My daughter just turned 2 and we’ve had this crib put together and in her room a few months before she was born. We’ve had no problems with it, it looks great and has held up nicely. We are getting ready to turn it into a toddler bed any day now!”
“I have three children. I bought this crib for our latest family addition, and not only does my wife and I love it. Our daughter enjoys her time there aswell.
She seems very comfortable and secured. Great product! Looking forward to continue using it for years to come.”
“I love this crib, excellent product and easy to essamble, the graco charleston was sold out in burlinton (the store) and for this reason we buy in this way, highly recommended!”

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: Where to Purchase

While this crib is available at some big box retailers, we found that Amazon had the best price for the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib. I will admit, we bought this crib from one of them – until we realized the box wouldn’t fit in my SUV. After the embarrassment of waiting in line to return our crib, we went home and starting looking for online retailers that would deliver it to my sister’s home. Not only did Amazon have the best price on this crib, but even shipped it to my sister house for free. While we did have to wait for five days for it to arrive, it was nice having it delivered right to our door, especially since the UPS guy carried it right into the nursery. Now that is service!

Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib: More Reviews

Want to learn more about the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib? Amazon has dozen of reviews written by real parents and grandparents just like us! Feel free to check out Amazon’s page devoted to the Graco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib

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