Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

Best Halloween Costumes for Kids: Perfect Costumes for Kids

Best Halloween Costumes for Kids
Merida (Brave) Halloween Costume Trying to find the perfect Halloween costumes for kids? I can’t believe how quickly the summer went by this year! It felt like just yesterday we were playing games in the pool. Now, the girls are in school and are already talking about Halloween! Where does the time go? While Halloween has always been a big deal around our household we have never had to plan for three Halloween costumes with all the kids being at various ages. While some parents may consider this stressful, I am ready to take the challenge and am very excited!

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen parents make with purchasing Halloween costumes for their kids is going to a big box retailer and purchasing whatever is in stock. Not only do these costumes not fit your kids, but you are usually paying premium price for a cheaply made costume.  I normally buy the kids costumes online since there is a larger selection of costumes in a variety of sizes. If  your child has graduated to a big kid costume, I will try and walk you through finding some of the best costumes for your kids!

Halloween costumes for Kids: Sizing

A few years ago, when I first started looking for Halloween costumes for my oldest daughter, I made the mistake of trying to predict the size of her costume.  Obviously a five year old can wear a small, right? Well, let’s just say that I found my four year old was a bit too tall for her costume.  Since we bought the costume last minute, we had to try making it work, which made her very unhappy since she had to wear sweat pants under her witches costume! This is the main reason I don’t buy Halloween costumes for kids at big box retailers – they never give measurements!

When you buy a Halloween costume online, retailers are happy to tell you as much as you want to know about the costume. If they don’t have it on the website, you can always email the store and they are happy to find the answer for you quickly. It’s one of the things I love about online retailers – good ones treat you like their most valued customer! This is mostly since many of these store are mom and pop retailers. From my past experience, they will give you not only the measurements of the costume, but the recommended measurements for children, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

Halloween costumes for Kids: Appropriate

My Little Pony Halloween Costumes While I hate to bring this up, I think it’s important for parents to remember that some costumes aren’t appropriate for kids. We have a strict rule in our household that all skirts, dresses, and shorts can’t be any shorter than two inches above their kneecaps.  Also, we avoid any costumes that have writing on the back of our daughter’s pants or skirts. Why is this? I personally don’t think kids need to be showing off their little buns to perfect strangers. Lots of retailers have just started making mini version of adult costumes, so parents need to use a bit of caution when dealing with the length and cut of Halloween costumes. As well, if you have an eight or ten year old girl who is starting to develop breasts, take this into account when looking for costumes. This can put adults traveling with your kids in a very odd position, since they really don’t want to be seeing your kids breasts. Again, always use common sense when it comes to kids’ costumes!

Halloween costumes for Kids: Girls Costumes

Rapunzel (Tangled) Halloween CostumeNow  we are to the fun part – picking costumes for girls. I have always found that picking costumes for girls preschool aged and older is a bit harder than finding costumes for toddlers. Part of the reason is that there is such a large selection of Halloween costumes for kids, especially girls! My girls are all about the cartoon character and movie characters. My oldest daughter is especially into the Avengers since she saw it with Daddy this summer. For months she has been telling me that she wants to be Black Widow for Halloween. At least she picked a good heroine as a role model!

To help me pick out the best Halloween costumes for girls, I talked to the experts – little girls! My oldest daughter recently had a slumber party to celebrate school starting, and all fifteen girls were excited to tell us about what they were going to be for Halloween and which costumes they liked. These were the most talked about Halloween costumes for kids for 6 to 10 year old girls from our conversation:

Halloween costumes for Kids: Boys Costumes

Spider-Man Halloween Costume Since I don’t have a little boy that is older than the age of two, finding the right Halloween costumes for boys was a bit trickier. For this, I talked to not only the little boys on our street, but the kids in the Sunday School class I teach. All the little boys were just as excited to talk about Halloween. The boys were all talking about Halloween costumes for kids that were based on popular movies or TV shoes. As I expected, the conversation was all about boys wanting to be Batman or Iron Man.  Based on this conversation, the most popular Halloween costumes for boys between the ages of 6 and 10 includes:

Halloween costumes for Kids: Where to Purchase

Power Rangers Samurai Halloween CostumesWant to know one of my tricks for saving on Halloween costumes for my kids? Most parents don’t know this but you can buy just about any Halloween costume on Amazon. To make your search easier, however, go to a Halloween website or just type in Halloween costumes in Google. These sites will allow you to see a large selection of costumes on kids, along with allowing you to see a lot of costumes at once. After you have chosen your costume, copy the name of the costume or the product name and paste it into Amazon’s search bar. Within seconds, you will find dozens of stores with this costume competing to get your business! Most of the time, these stores even offer free shipping!

In the past, I have saved anywhere from $10 to $40 per costume. Most Halloween stores charge a huge amount for shipping Halloween costumes for kids. Since these costumes don’t usually weight much, this is very silly. One store I looked it was charging just as much for shipping as the costume! As well, if your costume doesn’t fit, Amazon allows you to send it back and get a refund quickly, unlike most stores that have sales being final on all Halloween costumes for kids. I have never gone wrong purchasing my Halloween costumes from Amazon!

Other Online Sites for Costumes

PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train Shop

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