Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen

Parent Review of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen
Like many other parents, I have grown accustomed to using baby monitors. While I wasn’t sure about them until I had my first child, I now cannot imagine not having a baby monitor. Up until the end of December, I had been very lucky, having had the same baby monitor work for both of my daughters and for a decent amount of time with my son. It survived being thrown, falling down stairs, and just about every other horror a mother can think of if a child got a hold of an electronic device. All it took was a tired, worked to death husband accidentally knocking the hand held set into the toilet to completely do it in.

Long story short, I needed a new baby monitor. I was planning on buying the same monitor I had had, but I couldn’t even find it on the market anymore, leaving me looking for a baby monitor that would hopefully last until my son was out of his toddler years. After a bit of research, we decided to try the 2.8″ Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen. After using it for nearly two weeks, here is what we think of this digital baby monitor.

Ease of Use of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor.

While I have seen some people complain that the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen is a bit hard to use, my husband and I have had no issues with this baby monitor. The menus are very easy to understand and I can very quickly scroll through the menu in bed. The one thing that can be confusing if you are moving from a cheaper monitor is that most of the menus are digital. It felt a bit odd to me at first since I was looking for the dial on my old monitor, but it is very easy to adjust to.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD ScreenOne of the things that makes the Motorola Digital Baby Monitor so unique is the wide range of features that parents have at their disposal. With this baby monitor, I can rotate the camera remotely, allowing me to see everything going on in the nursery. This may not be very important now, but when my son is able to start walking, this allows me to see just what is happening if he decides to crawl out of the crib after a nap! As well, the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen also allows you to talk to your baby through the headset, allowing you to sooth them from a distance.

My only complaint with the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen is that it does not have a mute button. While it may sound silly to want a mute button on your baby monitor, this lets you very quickly hush the system so you aren’t hearing stereo screaming as you are going to check on your baby. Since you can turn down the volume though, this really isn’t that much of a big deal.

Safety & Quality of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD ScreenIf there is one thing that really amazed me with the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen, it is the amount of features it came with to help you better monitor your baby. Not only does it give clear, crisp real time video of your baby, but it also allows you to see the temperature in your baby’s room and the amount of noise being heard in the nursery. The noise level monitor is mostly useful for seeing if the baby is up, or if the girls are running the risk of waking up their little brother. With 5 different LED levels, I can really judge just how much noise my son is hearing or that I need to be hearing. The only thing my girls don’t appreciate about this feature is that I’m all of a sudden hearing a lot more of what is going on in their bedroom since we do have thin walls in our house.

What really makes this baby monitor different from my old monitor is the fact that the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen has infrared night vision. Most baby monitor leave you not seeing very much when it’s too dark in the room, leaving you a bit nervous about what is going on in the room. With this Motorola baby monitor, you get crisp, black and white video of what is going on in the nursery. At first, I wasn’t for sure what to think of this feature, since I was confused thinking that I would be able to see color video of what was going on in the nursery at night. My husband quickly corrected me with this, however, telling me that infrared is always in black and white.

It really didn’t mean much to me at first, but my husband was also impressed with the fact that the camera had a very large range and excellent security. The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology that is more reliable than most other wireless technology. This baby monitor is also data encrypted, giving you some extra security. What this means is that your neighbors won’t be able to hear what is going on in your baby’s room, or worse, the conversation you may be having with your husband in the nursery on another digital device.

As for the range, Motorola claims that you have a 200 meter range with this baby monitor, and will receive a warning beep if you accidentally go out of this range. I personally haven’t tested this feature much, but I can tell you that the monitor works perfectly in the basement, main floor, and second story of our house without any issues.

Versatility of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD ScreenEven though it isn’t really a big deal, I love that you can also take remote digital pictures on this baby monitor. I have taken some really cute pictures of my son sleeping and playing in the nursery while I’ve been working. It allows me to not really miss some of those really cute moments while I’m busy at work. While the picture quality isn’t amazing, it is pretty decent. I would compare the picture quality to the quality of about the original IPhone camera.

While I haven’t played with this feature very much, it is nice to have a baby monitor that will allow you to hook up extra cameras. I really only use the extra camera we purchased just to check in with the girls when they scream for me. At first I didn’t like the idea since I was worried I would be intruding on their privacy, but we are so far just using it as a digital walkie-talkie where we can see one another. The girls love it, so who am I to complain?

What Others are Saying About the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

While I may not have budgeted for buying a new baby monitor, I have to admit that the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen is one of the neatest baby electronics I have tried in a very long time. I may not have needed all the features on this baby monitor, it is really handy having so much information right at my fingertips. My family isn’t the only one who loves this Motorola baby monitor. On On Amazon, Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Here is what some other parents have to say about this digital video baby monitor.

” I purchased and tried 4 top rated video monitors over the past 2 months and finally found this. It is very easy to use. Pan and tilt is easy and noiseless. The 2 way communication is great – it sounds very clear and does not scare my kid when I speak to him. The Noise level monitoring is very audible with not much white noise. The picture is brilliant and the night vision is top notch. The battery life is decent. It is expandable for extra cameras. The menu is super easy to use. In battery mode, the screen shuts off after a 1-2 mins to conserve battery, but the screen stays on when plugged in. The MBP36 is the best baby monitor I have ever come across… by far! Buy this and don’t mess around with anything else.”
” I’ve been testing monitors for our two year old since he was born. The count has ballooned to six. This is my second experience with Motorola and the second with a video monitor. This is by far the best monitor that I’ve had. The sound is clear and load enough to hear him breath but can be turned down to almost silent if need be. The video is clear and and the lights in his room do not distract or keep him awake. As far as the design, the buttons are simple and easy to use and almost all the features are useful. I really hated to spend so much money on this thing, but after using it, I feel it was worth it. The last issue is the range, which is outstanding. I walked down my block and still had a clear view of my son napping and could still hear him breathing. No other monitor has filled my expectations as well as this one has.”
” Motorola really listened to what parents wanted and needed when they created the MBP 36. This unit has many outstanding features (pan, tilt and zoom camera, night vision, lullabies you can play into the baby’s room, two-way communication, etc.) that make viewing your baby easy and fun, however, the best feature is the beep free camera. If you have tried any baby monitors, you will know a lot of them beep when you turn on the camera. If you are trying to lay your child down for a nap or bed time and you don’t have the camera turned on, you run the risk of waking up your child. This unit does not have this problem. You can power up the camera at anytime and there is no beep, noise, sound, etc. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who is in need of a baby monitoring device.”

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Purchasing the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

As many of you may know, I absolutely hate shopping at the big box retailers for baby items. Waiting on long lines with young children is far from fun, and usually leads to me being embarrassed when my children have had enough. This is even more fun to deal with when I’m dealing with a nasty store associate who doesn’t want to take my baby item. Having had to deal with quite a few bad baby and kids products over the years, I decided to purchase all of my items from online retailers who have great return policies and prices.

For the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with a Color LCD Screen I went to one of my favorite places to buy baby and kids toys – They have better prices than most physical stores and have a wonderful 365 day return policy on all baby items. Since I tried out more than one type of baby monitor, including the Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor, I considered it ideal to have somewhere that allowed me to try out the products for a few days to see which one I liked best. As well, I was able to get both of these baby monitors shipped to me for free within two days, something most only retailers can’t claim!

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