Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

Parent Review of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair
As many of you may know, I am not a big fan of Fisher Price. Over the years, I had purchased quite a few Fisher Price products for my daughters, only to have them fall apart or worse, be a safety hazard. For this reason, I usually tell my friends not to buy Fisher Price products. Over the past year though, I have been having to change my view on Fisher Price products, especially after trying out the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper and the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. While I was still nervous about Fisher Price products in general, I have to admit that over the holiday season, my faith in Fisher Price was restored.

Not knowing my thoughts on Fisher Price, my mother in law purchased a new high chair on Amazon for our visit. The old high chair they had used for years finally fell apart, and they decided it was finally time to buy a new one. After some research on Amazon, they ended up purchasing the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair since it had such wonderful reviews. Hearing this, I was expecting I was going to have to deal with a piece of junk high chair during the entire visit. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with this inexpensive high chair – enough so that I have taken Fisher Price off my do not buy list. Here is what my husband and I both thought of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair during our visit to grandma and grandpa’s house.
Ease of Use of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

If there is one product that has helped me earn my faith in Fisher Price back, it is the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair. It is one of the most user friendly high chairs I have seen in a long time and is by far the easiest to clean high chair. The Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair boasts that the seat pad uses their new nanotex technology that is not only stain resistant, but washing machine safe. They claim that with Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chairthe seamless design of the seat pad, you will never have to deal with crud in crevasses again. After using this high chair for a week, I can say the chair really is stain proof and easy to clean. One of the first things my son did was throw up in the chair and spill grape juice all over the fabric. No stains on the fabric and it still looks like new, something that I had never seen in a Fisher Price product.

Like many newer high chairs that I have seen on the market lately, the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair has a dishwasher safe tray that can easily be removed with one hand. For new mother’s this is a very important feature, since you are likely going to be juggling a baby while trying to clean up the high chair. What really impressed me with this high chair was the fact it’s frame allows you to easily adjust the height of the high chair to allow you to move the high chair right up to the table. This is rare with most high chairs, since most will not allow you to feed the baby while you are eating dinner with the rest of the family. Since we wanted to get the most out of our time with grandma and grandpa, I was so happy for this feature!

What grandma liked the most about this chair was that it was easy to move and easy to hide. Since we aren’t there most of the year, she wanted a high chair that would easily fold up and be out of the way. While the chair won’t easily stand up on its own, it fits perfectly in their coat closet without taking up much room. Since it can also be moved around by it’s back wheels, this also makes taking it out easy for when they are entertaining my son or any of the other grandkids in the family.

Assembly of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

When we got to grandma and grandpa’s, my husband and I sat down and put together the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair. Grandpa was originally going to put together the chair, but my husband insisted that he put it together so that they could have some time Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chairwith the kids. While it did come in quite a few pieces, it was overall painless to put together. With the assistance of my in-laws two labs, we were able to put the high chair together in less than twenty minutes. I could easily see a busy mom being able to put this chair together in under a half hour.

One thing that really impressed my husband about the chair is that it could hold up to 50 pounds. I had never seen a high chair that was capable of holding a toddler that was over 40 pounds. While I doubt that our son will still be sitting in a high chair when he reaches this weight, it is a major plus for parents with a child with special needs or someone who has a larger baby. As well, with the way the high chair is designed, it is very difficult for a child to tip over while horsing around. Many parents don’t know this but high chairs are one of the most dangerous baby items you can buy, mostly since kids can knock them over with their kicking and squirming as they get older. For this reason, you want a high chair that is designed with this in mind.

While I am talking about safety, I also want to point out that the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair has a 5 point restraint harness, something that I consider an absolute must with small children. Without a 5 point harness, kids can easily get out of high chairs and strollers, causing a major safety risk. To make things easier on parents, Fisher price was also smartFisher Price EZ Clean High Chair enough to put the adjuster part of the straps on the back of the high chair, making it only accessible for adults. This is a feature that I wish more high chairs had, since kids are very good at accidentally loosening their straps while biting on them. The Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair really is one of the safest high chairs I have seen in a long time, being JPMA certified and meeting all ASTM standards.

Stylish & Chic

Unlike most Fisher Price items, most of the styles for the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chairaren’t over the top. The dark chocolate color of the circle design goes with just about everything and isn’t distracting enough that it has your kids more interested in looking at all the different colors than eating. Of course, for parents who are looking for a color kid design, the Luv You Zoo is more like a traditional Fisher Price color scheme. Personally, I prefer baby items that go with the rest of my color scheme and ones that aren’t so bright that they give me a headache looking at them. For this reason, I love that Fisher Price gave parents more design options with their Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair.

I also love that the stain resistant fabric for the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair doesn’t feel like plastic. Most stain resistant fabric feels absolutely terrible, and runs the risk of making your baby too hot. So far, my son seems to feel comfortable on this fabric and we haven’t had any issues of him sticking to the chair, something that both of us love! My husband also noticed something putting together the high chair that I think is a major plus. You have the option of later removing the crotch bar, making it easier for a child to use the chair, as they get older. I am happy that they included this bar since it makes it easier for younger infants to use the chair without falling out. I could easily see my son using this chair until he’s two or three during our visits to see grandpa.

In the Box

  • Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair
  • Instruction Manuel

What Others Think of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

After trying out a handful of Fisher Price products this past year, I am beginning to think they are actually improving their products. I was surprised just how much I liked the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair. With it’s cute design and easy to clean material, I think it’s the perfect match for parents looking for an inexpensive, easy to fold high chair. So far, the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating with Amazon, making it a great option for most first time parents. Here is what others have had to say about this Fisher Price high chair…

“This highchair is perfect! I love how easy it is to clean. We’ve been through a few highchairs over the years with our children and this is by far the best one. Finally a company catches on. Besides being super easy to clean (no more stained straps or having to disassemble the entire chair to get it clean), it was easy to assemble (15-20 minutes, with little ones trying to help), and love the design. I love how the part of the tray comes off for cleaning, leaving another tray for baby, yet still stays attached and doesn’t go flying off when baby grabs it. I also love how the tray actually goes in toward baby’s chest instead of leaving a huge hole for food to fall into baby’s lap. So glad we spent the little extra money for this highchair. It will be well used for quite a while.”
” I love this highchair. I tend to do a lot of research before making purchases, and this highchair met all the criteria. If you are looking for a highchair that is safe, reasonably priced, easy to clean, not overly bulky (we have VERY limited space), and has a neutral design, this is your chair. It doesn’t have all the toys and cup holders that the more expensive highchairs have, but I don’t completely understand the point of those anyways. The directions to put it together were very straightforward and it was setup within 20 minutes. I’ve been using the chair for my 9 month old for the last 3 months, and so far I don’t have one complaint.”
” Love love love it!!! I was looking at more expensive ones because I learned with other gear that most of the time u r getting what you paid for, but not this time! This is a great highchair! It is very easy to clean (and my baby is very messy, it is not a problem even after Daddy is feeding..; just a wet cloth touch and it’s like new)), my Son is a big 8 month old boy and he loves it! Comfortable, easy to move around, cute design, easy to put baby in and out! Great product:)”
” This chair is GREAT! The cloth is easy to clean, as are the straps. The tray doesn’t fit well in our dishwasher (although is dishwasher safe) but it’s really not an issue since we have to clean it much more often than we run dishes anyway 🙂 It’s cute, sturdy, easy to assemble, doesn’t take up ‘too much’ space, and my child seems comfortable sitting in it. I would highly recommend this product.”

Other Reviews of the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

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Where to Purchase the Fish Price EZ Clean High Chair

While you can purchase the Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair at other retailers, I found that they are not as cheap as, and are much more of a hassle to deal with when it comes to baby items. They never want to return items if you have a problem and you are always stuck wondering how you are going to get it back in the car, especially if you have a vehicle filled with car seats and other items. I have never had an issue returning items to Amazon, especially with baby items, which have a 365 day return window. With Amazon’s great customer service and great prices, you know you are always going to have a great shopping experience.

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