Ergo Baby Carrier

Parent Review of the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray

Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray
Over the past six months, all of my friends have been talking non-stop about baby carriers. Everyone has been asking my opinion on these baby backpack like carriers, and in all honesty, I had never owned one. If I couldn’t carry my daughters, I put them in the stroller or kept a careful eye on them while they played in a play yard. While I was pretty adamant about not owning one, things have changed recently with my son. He always wants to be held and I seem to never be able to get anything done, something that is very frustrating for me as a work at home mom.

While I was nervous about going on Amazon and buying a baby carrier, my husband quickly vetoed my opinion and purchased a baby carrier on his own. Now, I was scared when I first heard he ordered a baby carrier, since I normally do all the research for our baby items. When the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray arrived, however, I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. Here is what I think so far of the Ergo Baby Carrier.

Versatility of the Ergo Baby Carrier

When I first got the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray, I was surprised at just how many ways I could use this carrier. Not only could I wear the baby on my back, but in the front or on my hip. When they advertised being Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Grayan all in one carrier, they weren’t kidding! Reading the manual inside, I saw that you could hold a child of about to forty pounds. Even though I would be nervous carrying around a child this heavy, I could see it also being useful, especially on walks. There has been more than once when my husband has been stuck carrying a ‘big girl’ who refused to sit in the stroller and then decided she wanted to be carried most of the walk. While my husband is making fun of it now, I have a feeling his back will love this carrier once this happens again!

The biggest thing I love about the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray is the fact that I can once again be active during the day. During the two weeks I have owned this carrier, I have cleaned with my son on my back, and enjoyed some special cuddle time during work as he was sitting facing me in the carrier. I was worried I was going to have to cut back on my hours before this carrier, mostly because I couldn’t get any work done. The Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray truly is a hands free carrier that allows me to do what I want while keeping my son secure and safe!

Ease of Use of the Ergo Baby Carrier

At first, I was very intimidated by the Ergo Baby Carrier. Not only was the carrier in the box, but a special instruction insert and an instructional DVD. I immediately looked at my husband and asked him what he got me into. Seeing this, I almost sent it back, worried that I would not be able to use this baby carrier on my own. Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray InsertKnowing I was being silly, my husband sat down with me and we watched the DVD together. I have to admit, it was useful and I learned quite a bit about the carrier, especially when it was safe to use each of the positions, as well as when you may want to consider using the infant insert. Luckily, I didn’t need to purchase the infant insert due to my son’s size and with my little man’s large size; we are able to use the front and back options safely.

So far, I have been able to put him on my back myself, and he is happy hanging out in either position. While some people have said you can wear it for hours, I have never worn mine longer than an hour and a half, mostly since I am still adjusting to using the carrier. While it does have padded shoulders and puts most of the weight on your shoulders and hips, you do have to adjust to wearing the extra weight constantly. To me though, the weight isn’t really the big issue, but rather, the fact that having a baby pressed up against you for so long is rather hot. Having a baby that is heat sensitive, I know when he’s a bit too uncomfortable too since this is usually when he starts fussing.

Luckily, the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray is also machine washable. If the baby or I get too sweaty, I just throw it in the washing machine. While it is 100% cotton, I always air dry it, mostly out of convenience than necessity. I am used to baby items not being dryer safe, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are someone who prefers putting things in the dryer though, I don’t think you will have any issues, especially since it has reinforced stitching and looks like it is made of high quality material.

Kid Friendly Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier After reading other reviews, my husband was fairly certain that theErgo Baby Carrier was the most kid and parent friendly baby carrier on the market. So far, I would have to agree. It is one of the few baby carriers that is ASTM and JPMA certified, and CPSIA compliant. I am not too surprised, since it does an excellent job supporting your baby. Unlike other baby carriers, your little one is actually in a sitting position in the harness, keeping him or her from feeling uncomfortable. More importantly, though, this position better supports their body, allowing them to feel comfortable and safer. As well, the Ergo Baby Carrier also has an attachable sleeping hood that supports your baby while they are sleeping. I have already tested this hood and my son so far loves it.

Adult Friendly Ergo Baby Carrier

One of my biggest concerns with getting a baby carrier was that it be something my husband and I could both use. Ergo Baby Carrier While I am a bit on the petite side, my husband is considered tall at nearly six foot. Most carriers seemed to fit one of us, not both of us. The Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray, however, fits adults between 5 foot and 6 foot five inches, allowing it to adjust to nearly any size. As well, the waist circumference goes from 25 inches to 43 inches. My husband even said there is an extender for guys who are larger, something that he found as a cool feature. I think it’s safe to the say that the Ergo Baby Carrier is safe for nearly any sized adult.

While my husband doesn’t care so much, I also love the design of the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray. I love the cute star pattern and the gray seemed to go with most of my other baby items. I know it’s silly but I do like things that match. As well, the Ergo baby carrier has a convenient little zipper compartment that is perfect for putting keys and my cell phone in, especially during walks!

What Others Think of the Ergo Baby Carrier

Now, I wonder how I survived so long without the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray. Even though I have had it now for less than a month, I absolutely love this thing, and so does my little man! I’m not the only person who has fallen in love with the Ergo Baby Carrier. It currently has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. With over fifteen colors and a load of fun accessories, it isn’t too surprising that everyone loves the Ergo baby carrier. Here is what other parents and grandparents are saying about the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray

“Okay- like almost all other new moms, I got a Baby Bjorn, and it was fine, until my daughter hit about 12 lbs. Then my shoulders started to hurt when I walked with her and I read that it wasn’t very good for baby’s spine to be held by their crotch. So a friend of mine had an Ergo, and I tried it. 
Wow, all of the weight was on my hips- not my back, and baby was actually sitting in a little pouch, not in a harness. I love this carrier!!! Now that she is older, my daughter loves the hip carry and back pack carry of this carrier. It has been so valuable when we travel or go to stores or anywhere…”

“Since the birth of my son, I have become very reliant on product reviews. If I’m going to spend the money on something, I want to almost guarantee that I will love it before I buy it. This is where the Ergo comes in. I hadn’t heard of this carrier before seeing it on amazon during my search for an upgrade to the bjorn. I watched the videos on the […] website and decided that this would definitely be our new big thing. I love that the carrier allows for a few different carrying positions. I can carry my son on my hip, my back and my front. The design of the carrier distributes the weight between my waste and my shoulders, so I no longer have achy shoulders after a long day of baby wearing! He is wrapped around my waste, instead of hanging out in front like an extra appendage. When he falls asleep or just needs some quiet while we’re out and about, the hood works great! I also appreciate the 2 zipper pockets, which I use for carrying my wallet, keys, and cell phone.”

“I had a hard time forking out $110 for this carrier. But after reading a ton of reviews I decided it would be worth it. I truly do love this carrier. I wear it almost daily with my 7.5 month old. It is so comfortable, I can barely feel the weight of my 20lb son in there. It also fits my 28lb 4 year old pretty well. I love how it can fit me and my husband, we are 2 different sized people and it fits us both wonderfully.”

“I bought this carrier on a recommendation from a friend and I could not be more satisfied. I started using the carrier with my 6 week old and have continued to use it as she grows. I bought it because I had not decided on a double stroller yet and I needed a way to go for walks with my newborn and toddler. I also bought the heart to heart infant insert and I think it is a must if you have an infant. My daughter falls asleep almost immediately after I start walking and she stays asleep the entire time. My back felt sore the first few times, but it was muscle soreness not back pain. Now do not feel sore at all which means I have actually gotten stronger using the Ergo carrier!”

Where Can I Read More Reviews of the Ergo Baby Carrier

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Where to Buy the Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray

The Ergo Baby Carrier in Galaxy Gray can easily be purchased on Amazon’s return policy on baby items is also one of the best on the market, allowing you up to 365 days to return the bag. In other words, you may not even have to worry about the manufacturer’s warranty if you have issues! Amazon is also one of the few places I would trust purchasing this baby carrier, since the company website has mentioned counterfeit bags being sold since they are so popular.

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