Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

Parent Review of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller
For the past two months, I have been complaining to both of the grandmothers that I didn’t have a stroller that was ideal for going walking with just my son. While I love my Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Double Stroller, it is a bit big for a trip to the mall or walking when it is just the two of us. While I knew I should just order a stroller on Amazon, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend money on another stroller for myself, especially after just buying a nice double stroller last year.

Now, if your parents are anything like mine, you should be careful what you complain about. I didn’t want either of the mothers to spend a great deal of money on Christmas for us, especially since I knew they were going to go overboard on the girls. Even so, on Christmas morning, I opened up a cute red stroller. Since we haven’t received a big gift from the parents in years, I was truly shocked that the mothers got together and bought this for the two of us. Even though I had never heard of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller, I have to say I am so far impressed with this cute single baby stroller. Here is what I think so far of this red stroller.

Craftsmanship of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

Even though I hate to admit it, my family is very hard on baby items and strollers. If the kids don’t break it, the adults likely will in an accident. For this reason, we have to make sure that anything that comes into our household is made to last. With theMia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller, my husband’s mother seemed to have definitely done her homework!  Mia Mode Cielo Evolution StrollerThis red stroller is made with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame, meaning that it can take quite a bit of abuse. On the trip back from California, this stroller had a heavy suitcase stacked on top of it, and was also thrown out of the van a few times by the girls trying to get their toys at rest stops. Needless to say, it has a few scratches, but is still structurally sound and has handled the cross-country trip rather well!

One of my major concerns with the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller was that it claimed it could only hold up to forty pounds. I was worried my little one would outgrow it before we knew it, but this ended as soon as I was reading some reviews online. Having read that some full grown woman were able to sit in these stroller, I had to try it out myself! My husband was able to wheel all 120 pounds of me around in this stroller, easing my concerns that it wouldn’t last very long. While I am likely to not be moving him around in this stroller past the age of five, it is a good thing to know, especially with how my kids are known to roughhouse!

Kid Friendly Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

I have to say that the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller has impressed me right out of the box. Once my husband finished putting the stroller together, I was able to take a good look at this stroller. One of the things I am very picky about with most strollers is that it has to have a good harness. I have seen too many horror videos on Youtube of kids getting out of the harness and getting themselves hurt. For this reason, I refuse to keep a stroller that doesn’t have a 5 point harness. Not only does the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller have a 5 point harness, but cute adjustable armrests for your kids. I had never seen a stroller that let you actually adjust the arm rests before, amusing me to no end when we tried adjusting them for my son.

Mia Moda Cielo Evolution StrollerAs well, the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller has an adjustable reclining seat, allowing my son to sit back and relax as we go for a nice walk. With the way the chair reclines, he is able to get a better view of what is going on around him, unlike our double stroller.

One of the little oddities that I liked about this stroller is that the kids are able to push it easily. Many of the strollers I have had in the past are hard for an adult to maneuver and wheel, never mind kids. My oldest feels like a big kid with the fact that she can easily wheel this stroller. I have even seen my youngest daughter doing the same, even though she has to controller the stroller by holding onto the small storage basket. I usually don’t mind too much since I normally just throw in small bottles or other things the girls may want if we are all walking together.

The one thing that isn’t very child friendly about this stroller is the canopy. It doesn’t seem to cover my son, as much as I would like, making it like most other strollers on the market. While it does work somewhat, I usually have him wear a hat if it’s going to be sunny outside. This keeps him from getting sunburned since I am a bit of an over protective parent.

Ease of Use of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

So far, the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller has been one of the most user friendly strollers I have ever owned. It is probably the easiest to maneuver stroller I have ever used and seems to have a good center of weight when it’s empty. This means that if I put a bunch of bags on the handles, it is unlikely to tip over if I don’t have my son in the stroller just yet. I also like that the brakes on this stroller seem to work rather well, allowing me with one touch to have the brakes kick in if we are walking down a steep hill.

The Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller also seems to have been designed with moms in mind. I was expecting to have a nice carry basket since this is pretty typical in strollers now a days. What I wasn’t expecting was for this small basket to be so useable and detachable. It is easy for me to fill this basket up with snacks and toys, and then attach it once again to the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller before we start on our walk. Even though it may sound a bit silly, I also like that it has a drink holder for adults that can hold a 16 oz coffee mug.

While I love the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller, I do have a love hate relationship with the three step ultra compact fold mechanism. In the manual, it claims that you can fold the stroller with just a push of the button. I would like to know who thought to put that in the manual, since it seems like rocket science to figure out how to fold the thing the first time. It took my husband showing me three times how to fold the stroller before I finally figured out how to do it on my own. While it is tricky, it does eventually become easier.

 Mia Mode Cielo Evolution StrollerIt is all worth it though once you see this stroller folded up. I swear I have never seen a stroller that not only folded this small, but was so easy for me to carry with one arm. With the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller design, it can be easily carried around using the carry handle, or can stand on its own in a corner when it’s not in use. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since it is one of the slimmest strollers I have ever seen. I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy this feature once we are flying again since other parents have claimed that this stroller easily fits in the overhead bin on planes.

Others Opinion of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

I still can’t believe I found a stroller that I like as much as my Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Double Stroller. While the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller isn’t going to replace my double stroller, it now makes it easier for my husband and I to go on family walks again with the kids. After having used this stroller since Christmas, I can say I’m not surprised with it having a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Here is what other parents and grandparents have to say about the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller…

” We bought this stroller (actually an earlier version) for a trip to see family. We ended up using it all the time. It folds easily to the size of a large briefcase and, with the built-in handle, is very easy to carry around – much easier than an umbrella stroller when you have to carry multiple things.”
” This is one of my top five favorite baby things I have purchased. This stroller is great. I can’t say enough about it. I needed a stroller that would be small enough to fit in the car but large enough to be comfortable enough for a child to sit for long periods of time. The fold is easy and amazing, its about the size of a medium suitcase. We store it in the space between the rear facing infant seat and the passenger seat in our Mazda5. It has a cupholder (something umbrella strollers don’t have), the canopy is adequate and storage is of decent size (and is detachable so you can take it with you if you leave the stroller). The buckle is easy to operate. The height is great for tall parents like myself. One of its best features, in my opinion, is the steering. One handed easily and corners like a dream. I can hold my 3 year old’s hand and push the baby without trouble. The only con is that the recline is minimal so I wouldn’t suggest it for a newborn. But seriously, I LOVE this purchase!”
” We have owned this stroller for a couple of years now and still happy with it. It rolls very smoothly and very easy to maneuver. Although it is not that light weight, it is not as bulky as other strollers I have seen when folded. It is a little tricky to fold and unfold at first but when you get the hang of it it’s quite easy. The mesh at the back can carry alot of stuff and it has a zipper which makes it accessible. It is a cute stroller and very convenient to use.”
” i had been looking for a stroller that would carry more than a 55 pound maximum weight since my daughter has downs syndrome and still needs a stroller. all the strollers that are for special needs children are expensive and i needed a stroller that was affordable and found this one. this one says the max weight is 40 but my daughter is 6 and weighs about 45 pounds and the stroller moves great. after reading all the reviews i knew this stroller would do for my daughter. i love this stroller especially the look , its something different. the reviews really helped me make up my mind about purchasing this stroller i hope my review will help someone else looking for a stroller.”

 Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

Where Can I Read More Reviews of the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

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Where to Buy the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller

While I had to twist my mother in law’s arm a bit, she finally told me that the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller was purchased on Amazon through my own mother’s account. I wasn’t really surprised since I have pretty much trained my whole family to look for kids items on Amazon’s site first, mostly since they have the best prices and return policy on baby items. Currently, the Mia Mode Cielo Evolution Stroller qualifies for the 365 day return policy on baby items, making it a win-win situation for anyone who is wanting to try out different baby items, including strollers!

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