Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

Best Parent Review of the Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

After purchasing our Kalani Convertible Baby Crib, I was struggling to find the perfect baby changer and dresser for our nursery. The biggest challenge we had looking for these items was the fact that our son’s nursery was extremely tiny. Our daughters had a large nursery, which is now my youngest daughter’s bedroom. Since we did not want my son to go without, we turned our old exercise room into the nursery. The only problem with this is the size. After looking around at quite a few furniture stores, my husband broke the news to me – we didn’t have the room for both.

Being stubborn, I kept looking until our son was born. It only took two weeks of being without before I broke down and realized that we had to find a piece of furniture that could do both. I felt like a complete idiot when I went on Amazon and realized there was a matching changer and dresser that went along with our crib. While the dresser didn’t have as strong reviews as our crib, I decided to go ahead and buy it, hoping it would work. Four months later, I am so happy I decided to buy the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer over all the other options on the market. So far, here is what we think about this wonderful baby changer and baby dresser combo.

Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby ChangerVersatile & Useful

When we first started working on our son’s nursery, we were overwhelmed by all the items we were going to have to repurchase. Since our nursery was small, I just didn’t have the room to have a separate changer and dresser for my son. When I first saw the [easyazon-link asin=”B0011BF1PQ”]DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer[/easyazon-link], I was skeptical. Could my son really have a dresser and diaper changing table in one that really worked? I was quickly surprised just how useful this table could be for my family!

Unlike other changers on the market, my husband could easily change my son’s diaper on the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer. Most changers are too low for him to easily use, something that was a major issue when we looked for a changer for our first daughter. The height seems to be perfect for both of us, allowing us to easily change diapers without having to hurt our back.
Review of Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer
My largest concern when we first took the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer out of the box was that the drawers seemed flimsy. I didn’t think that they would last or be strong enough to support everything we were going to put in the drawers. Once the drawers were together, however, I was surprised at how durable they were for the price of the changer. Granted, this dresser is not going to be an heirloom, but it will be perfect for the first five years of my son’s life. We already have all three drawers filled with diapers and different baby clothes. After four months of solid use, it is still holding strong.

Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer Stylish & Chic

One of the main reasons I chose the DaVinci Kaloni Convertible Baby Crib over other cribs on the market was its style. Since we live on a tight budget, we couldn’t afford to buy expensive furniture for our son, but wanted the nursery to still have an elegant feel. Since we loved this style, buying the the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer seemed like the best choice. Best of all, it matched with our other furniture as well, allowing us to have a beautiful looking nursery without destroying our nursery budget.

Like the DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib, the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer comes in five different colors (cherry, ebony, oak, espresso, and white). It is always great when you can find stylish, yet functional items for your children’s bedrooms. Unlike other pieces of furniture meant to look elegant, this baby changer is also covered in a non-toxic finish. While this may not seem like a concern, most of the baby furniture made in other countries can contain lead and phthalates, something I find quite frightening. My only complaint with this piece of furniture is the fact that it is heavy, something I wasn’t expecting from pine furniture. Once you set this piece of furniture down, I recommend not moving it for quite some time.

Eco Friendly

Review ofDavinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer
Just like the DaVinci Kalani Convertible Baby Crib, the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer is one of the few pieces of eco friendly baby furniture on the market. Just like most of DaVinci’s other products, this baby changer is made from sustainable pine and wood composite. I love supporting companies that believe in helping the environment, making it ideal for us to buy furniture from a company that has amazing environmental standards. Even their factories have been designed to be energy efficient. I also feel that more natural products are better for children since it means they are exposed to less toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, lead, and phthalate. If you are like me, you are likely just as happy to find a company that makes baby products without leaving a large carbon footprint.

Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer Assembly

My only major complaint with the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer is that it is not easy to assemble. You should expect to spend about two to four hours building this dresser and changer combo. The instructions are all pictures, making it difficult to determine at times what piece they are talking about in the instructions. Luckily, it can be accomplished, but I would not recommend putting this changer together without a second pair of hands. While the changer is a bit of a pain to put together, it is worth in the end, once you see the high quality piece of furniture you get for the amount of work!

During assembly, I also had a good surprise that made me quite happy. The top of the changing area comes with a strap and guard rails, making it nearly impossible for your little one to roll off the table. While I would not leave a baby unattended, it makes it easier when you are bending down for a moment to get an extra diaper. As well, the drawers are built with safety in mind. All the drawers have built in stoppers, making it impossible for drawers to come out on adult or little ones toes. With how the weight is distributed in the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer, you also do not have to worry about tipping. The changer is completely tip proof, something I was happy to see with two little girls in our household.

Included with the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

Review of Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

  • Instructions
  • 1” Waterproof Foam Changing Pad
  • Safety Straps
  • Metal Glide Hardware
  • Stop Mechanism for Drawers
  • Guard Rails

Others Opinion of the Davinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

On DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer is one of the most popular pieces of baby furniture sold on the site. It currently has 4 out of 5 stars. If you have a limited amount of space and need to get the most for your money, the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer is perfect for you! Here is what others parents and grandparents have had to say about the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer:

“This changing table is sturdy, solid, beautiful, and easy to put together. We purchased the whole nursery set and are very happy with the quality and look of all the pieces.”
“Easy to set up, solid and sturdy. I see my grand baby getting many years out of this changer/dresser.”
“Love this changing table/dresser! The drawers are the perfect size and the changing table fits most standard changing pads (it has it’s own, but I would personally get one of the contoured ones to go on top). My husband put it together by himself and said it was easy. Looks great with the matching crib!”
“We bought this to save space when we lived in a small apartment. It worked out wonderful! It is sturdy, the color is a true Ebony. We just purchased a matching crib for our new baby that is the same brand because we loved the dresser so much!! This will last through all our children.”
“This is a great piece, an excellent addition to any nursery. It’s sturdy, stylish yet functional. The changing table is deep, allowing use of a deep padding for baby. The contemporary styling and color with fit with most any decor, and my husband had no trouble at all putting it together. Would definitely recommend.”

Where Can I Read More Reviews

You can find more reviews on the Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer at Amazon.com. All of these reviews are written by real parents and grandparents just like us who have bought this crib. Click here to read more about the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer.

Where to Buy the DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Baby Changer

The DaVinci Kalani 3 Drawer Changer. Currently, they are offering the crib with free shipping and with free returns. Amazon’s return policy on baby items is also one of the best on the market, allowing you up to 365 days to return the crib. While you can always use the manufacturers one year warranty, using Amazon’s is much easier for most parents. If it is an error on Amazon’s part or a broken item, they will even pay for UPS or Fedex to come right to your house to pick up the box. What could be easier?

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