Schilling Infant UV Play Shade

Schylling Infant UV Play Shade

Protect your little one from the harsh effects of the sun with Schilling Infant UV Play Shade. Bid global warming goodbye with this tent made for babies and toddlers.

Schilling Infant UV Play Shade features:

  • Offers a high level of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)
  • Easy assembly with the patented design
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Material is waterproof polyester
  • Pegs included to hold the tent down in place
  • “Go Anywhere Bag” included

The sad fact about global warming cannot be set aside especially when it comes to our kids. As parents, it’s important to protect their health at all times so they will have a sound mind and body. One of the perfect weapons in fighting the harsh effects of global warming is Schilling Infant UV Play Shade.

This tent has many special features but the most significant one in the list is its capacity to shield kids from the UV rays of the sun. You may have come across the words Ultraviolet Protection Factor of UPF due to the awareness campaigns about global warming. You’ll be pleased to know that Schilling Infant UV Play Shade offers up to UPF 50 to protect your kid’s delicate skin.

This is especially helpful when you use it in the beach, the place where the sun’s rays are at their strongest. With the UPF feature in place, kids won’t feel the sweltering heat while they’re inside the play shade.

It’s important to take note that Schilling Infant UV Play Shade is made from waterproof polyester, making it an exceptional companion in the beach. The fabric gives the interior a cool and comfortable atmosphere for the kids. Toddlers can take a nap inside the tent, feeling no discomfort at all.

Getting the tent up is a breeze! It props up in seconds, without the use of tent pillars. You can store it easily by just snapping it close inside the “Go Anywhere Bag”. If it becomes windy, you can use the pegs to hold the tent down. Effortless assembly–now that’s another great feature of Schilling Infant UV Play Shade!

If you’re not going to use the play shade outdoors, how about setting it up as a makeshift summer camp inside the house? With the Schilling Infant UV Play Shade, kids can go on a make-believe camping trip right in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. Seeing how it’s easy to handle, there won’t be a problem tidying up after. So serve some hotdogs and marshmallows to add more excitement to the camping experience.

Knowing that there’s Schilling Infant UV Play Shade around gives us enough reason to still get our dose of fun under the sun. Buy one now for your kids so they can get their fair share of the fun as well!

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