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Web Shooting Spiderman
What is a Web Shooting Spiderman? Almost every young boy today idolizes Spiderman. They all want to be able to climb up walls, fly from building to building and attack the bad guy right in the knick of time to save the world. Though, of course, this bit is not possible but we can definitely allow them to live the dream through the new release of the Web Shooting Spiderman toy. This new Web Shooting Spiderman toy, since its release, has grown quickly in popularity as it can be seen hitting the charts on a variety of top 10 toys listings so I figured it would be good to find out just what makes this toy so special.

Presentation and Features of the Web Shooting Spiderman

At a first glance you see that the Web Shooting Spiderman is in fact well made. It is a perfect replica of the character we have grown to love. The action figure stands at 13 inches tall that is noticeably bigger than the average action figure. The main feature that it is said to have is web shooting as this throughout the years as been Spiderman’s signature move. To get the webs to shoot from his hands you simply press the buttons along the back of the action figure. As soon as the button is press you will see a motorized string i.e. web shoot from the palm of one hand to the other. The web can be shot from both palms, depending on which button is pressed. Don’t worry; this action is pretty safe as the webs do not shoot out quickly so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted accidents.

Villains & Storyline of the Web Shooting Spiderman

Web Shooting SpidermanThe package comes equipped with a cardboard replica of lizard man, a popular villain in Spiderman that can be made to stand up so as to take on Spiderman in battle. Your child will be able to recreate New York City as they act out the exciting scenes in which Spiderman defeated Lizard Man. The best part is that they are able to recreate the story however they please and do it completely differently the next time. The Web Shooting Spiderman pushes them to use their imagination, as they have now become the author of the story.

Reactions to the Web Shooting Spiderman

There are some people who say they wish the Web Shooting Spiderman did more, like maybe talk or move as the only form of sound it makes is that of the motor inside after you press the button to shoot the web. Another deterrent for some is that the product needs 4 AAA batteries to operate it that are not included when you purchase the product so the web shooting is often short lived. On the upside you are able to rotate Spiderman’s legs but they are permanently bent into that of a squatting position when he stands up. To the die-hard fans of Spiderman the product is flawless as regardless of how it looks or operate they will still have fun with the toy. To sum it up the Web Shooting Spiderman may not be perfect in all eyes but is definitely a good buy for someone who adores Spiderman.
On Amazon.com the Web Shooting Spiderman has a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Some of the comments are:

“This spider man figure looks as pictured. The web does actually shoot and we haven’t had any problems with it yet.”
“this was the only toy he asked for and didnt put it down for a week. still shows everyone he sees.”
“Great toy. Well built and did what it was supposed to do. Bought for 8 yr. old grandson. He loves it and plays with it all the time.”

More Reviews of the Web Shooting Spiderman

The Web Shooting Spiderman currently has 42 reviews on Amazon.com. Not every one was thrilled with it and we urge you to read all the reviews before you purchase. Sometimes there are unrealistic expectations about a toy however you must decide if it will fulfill the needs of your child.

Where to Purchase the Web Shooting Spiderman

The Web Shooting Spiderman is currently showing a 21% savings at Amazon.com. It will be delivered right to your front door. One of the reviews that I read complained that the Web Shooting Spiderman did not work. Amazon has great customer service and if you receive anything that you don’t like or it does not work, return it.

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