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Training Wheels: Boys Bike

Diamondback RM Boy’s Bike (12-Inch Wheels)Diamondback RM Boy's Bike with training wheels

The Diamondback RM Boy’s Bike is the ideal starter bike for young boys just beginning in the great sport of cycling. It features durable 12 inch wheels and is perfect for young boys 3 to 5 years of age. The retail price for this bicycle tends to be in the $150 range, although many of the more popular e-commerce sites sell them for about $15 to $30 cheaper than that. While this might be a bit more than some of the other like models for kids in this age bracket, it is definitely worth the extra expense.

One of the great things about every Diamondback bike is that all parts on the bike are covered by a minimum one year warranty. Some of the larger components of the bike have longer warranties. For instance, the frame is covered for the life of the bike (with the original owner) and the fork is covered for five years. This is all free to the bicycle purchaser and no additional warranty cost is required. For anyone with an active kid prone to beating up their sporting equipment, this is a great added value. This is a particularly good bike if you intend to keep it in the family for decades to come and pass it on to younger siblings. However, be reminded that the warranty applies only to the original owner of the bike.

Another great highlight of the Diamondback RM is that it already comes with training wheels. It’s great to not have that added expense as well. The training wheels provide the perfect amount of stability for young riders and parents should not be concerned about tipping. It also comes with a two piece pad set to protect your young ones from bruises and scrapes should they get into a fender bender. But given the sturdiness and stability of this model, that is not likely.

It also features a coaster brake. This is a braking system whereby pushing on the pedals in a backward motion will cause the bike to stop. This makes starting and stopping simple for young riders. Teaching the tyke this braking skill early in the process will allow them to feel great confidence as they start moving.

The bike is sturdy, efficient and great for young boys ready to take to the sidewalks and feel the power of owning the road. It comes in a red and black color scheme, with “Diamondback” proudly emblazoned across the midsection of the bike.

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