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Thirsties Duo Wrap

What Is A Thirsties Duo Wrap

You may be asking yourself what is Thirsties Duo Wrap? I asked myself that same question when my niece requested this from me for her baby shower. My niece knows I do all my shopping online and apparently Thirsties is something she is wanting for her baby shower. I agreed to try to find Thirsties Duo Wrap.
Thirsties Duo Wrap When my niece gave me the name of the item I was thinking it was something that went over a baby’s disposable diaper. I had no clue that Thirsties Duo Wrap was an option that is used with cloth diapers. I found Thirsties and discovered they are used together with a cloth diaper. The Thirsties provide added protection against leaks that can occur when using cloth diapers. The Thirsties also come with leg gussets, which is great for babies that are crawling and learning to walk. This will keep any leaks locked in.

Description of Thirsties Duo Wrap

Thirsties Duo Wrap The Thirsties also come in a variety of colors. The snaps eliminate any harmful pins. The Thirsties come in an adjustable fit so when your baby grows it can adjust to continue to fit the baby. As I thought about the Thirsties Duo Wrap I remember when my children were babies and there was only these plastic pants that went over the cloth diaper. They were noisy, hard to wash and ugly. Thirsties is a great added addition that is great for mothers who choose to use cloth diapers for their babies. Using Thirsties also can save parents up to two thousand dollars by not purchasing expensive disposable diapers.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Parent Friendly

Thirsties Duo Wrap The Thirsties are breathable and waterproof. They come with a reusable bag which allows you to put the dirty diaper into if you happen to be out and need to change your baby. The price is affordable and the shipping cost was free. I ordered the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps for my niece and they arrived within a few days. I didn’t realize when I ordered the Thirsties Duo Wrap that they come in a six pack. I just assumed there was just two or three of them in the package. The colors are nice a pretty. They are available in two sizes – Size one 6-18lbs and Size two 18-40lbs.

Final Thoughts About Thirsties Duo Wrap

I gave the gift to my niece and she was thrilled with the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps. She is on a budget and has decided to use only cloth diapers for her baby. The Thirsties will allow her to use cloth diapers and not worry about unwanted leaks. I recommend Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps. They are affordable, come in a six pack and look great!

What Others Think About Thirsties Duo Wrap

For the Thirsties Duo Wrap there are currently 586 reviews at and the rating is 4.5 out 5 stars. Here are some of the comments by current users.

“I’ve been using Thirsties wraps for 2 kids now, and I love them. The are virtually leak-proof, even for big blowouts that usually explode out of a disposable. The duo wrap is pretty true to size, I started using size 2 on my 7 month old and she is 17lbs. The snaps last a long time, I’m just noticing a couple spots where the vinyl is starting to tear (after being through one kid already) and it’s not bad and I know these will last through this baby as well. The only downside to using prefolds/covers is the baby feels wet sooner. I fixed this by making some fleece liners to sit on top of the prefold. Cloth diapers will save you money and are easy to use!”
“I am in love with Thristies covers! I am still new to cloth diapering but am very happy with these covers. When used with a nice hemp or bamboo insert they hold up well and I have never had a leak. I also like the snaps a little than the Velcro version. My toddler even fits this cover nicely and he is 36 lbs so I recommend it for any mom who has a larger child since it can be hard to find cloth diapering items for toddlers that fit nicely.”
“So I’ve tried my hand at a few types of cloth diapering systems – AIOs, AI2s, G-diapers, and now Thirsties with prefolds. I’m hooked! SO much easier and much less expensive.
I know a lot of people wipe these off between changes, but I also like to give the cover a quick rinse at night and let it air dry. Just in case. And it is a little frustrating when poop gets stuck in the pleating around the gusset but I’d rather it be on the diaper than on my carpet or all over my son’s clothes. Haven’t had a blowout yet, even after some really spectacular poops where I actually considered throwing the insert away.
I use these with prefolds – usually I just trifold and leave it at that since my kiddo is a bit older. After using both kinds I prefer snaps over aplix. Aplix is easier on a squirmy toddler but said toddler is quite adept at undoing velcro. It’s like a fun little game, and Mommy gets so hilariously dismayed! Snaps, however horrible those extra ten seconds of effort may seem, are much harder for little fingers to undo.
Washing is a cinch. Wash with everything else, line dry, usually done drying in about 30 minutes in our humid climate.”
“I LOVE these diaper covers. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and are adorable! They fit my babies great, and I can’t wait to use them again on the next one! I don’t think they are half as bulky as some of the other diaper covers, especially the ones with inserts.”

More Reviews of the Thirsties Duo Wrap

For the Thirsties Duo Wrapthere are currently 586 reviews and we advise you to click the link to read them. Almost exclusively Moms who are using these covers write the reviews and they seem to love them.

Where To Purchase Thirsties Duo Wrap

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