Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon

Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon Review

Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon
If there is one thing that all little kids love it’s feeling like the big kids. The Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon is the perfect addition to any back yard if you are looking for a water slide that is a small scale model of the much larger, 17+ foot slides designed for larger children. Unlike the larger version, this kiddy sized water park is designed for toddler to preschool aged children, allowing them to share in the fun on a water slide designed for them. This six foot tall inflatable slide has a similar rock climbing wall to get to the slide, along with the traditional steep slide that goes straight into the splash pool.

Even though the slide also comes with a spraying attachment at the top of the slide, many smaller children may prefer for this portion of the slide to not be attached, due to the harshness of the spray. Since this slide was designed for smaller children, up to four kids can enjoy playing and sliding on the Banzai Splash Blast lagoon at once, allowing for hours of playtime in the sun. Unfortunately, due to the size of the pool, there is no room for an adult, making this one for children only.

With its quick and easy setup, parents and grandparents alike can easily assemble this pool. In less than three minutes, the entire pool will be inflated, allowing for quick, easy backyard fun. Clean up, however, can be a bit of a pain, and since the pool can take some time to dry out. If you know your kids are going to be playing in this pool for most of the summer, you may want to consider buying a tarp to throw over the pool to keep any unwanted bugs and debris from the pool.

Unlike its counterparts, the pool is fairly shallow, allowing children to play comfortably without being fearful of being dunked into deep water. Of course, the slide still needs adult supervision to prevent roughhousing or any other issues that could possibly endanger your child or grandchild.

With this slide’s durable build and easy assembly, the Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon is a great gift for any child and can be easily assembled by any grandparent. Currently, Amazon is offering this slide for $249, making the Banzai Splash Blast Lagoon a great fun-filled addition for long-term summer fun or any pool party.

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