Top 10 Water Toys for Preschoolers

Top 10 Water Toys for Preschoolers

Best Water Toys for Preschoolers

Are you looking for the best water toys for preschoolers? With summer finally here, everyone in my family is spending more time outside. Every year, I am excited to get out the water toys. The one issue I have this year, however, is that some of our favorite water toys have finally called it quits, making us look for some new toys. With a toddler, preschooler, and eight year old,  I am struggling to find the right toys that are perfect for the entire family. Luckily, I have found some adorable options on Amazon that I think are perfect for family’s like mine! Based on our own experience and my children’s wish list, here are our top ten water toys for preschoolers!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

My family recently purchased another Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide. This is by far the best water slide on the market for little kids. While the price may seem a bit high, it is worth every penny if you have a big family. It has two slide with spray hoods, making sure the slide stays slippery and fun. With surprise dump buckets as well, it is easy to see how kids can spend hours playing on this adorable slide! Unlike many other slides on the market, it also comes with a heavy duty blower, repair kit, and storage bag, allowing you to use this slide right out of the box and throughout the entire summer!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Intex Waterslide

This is another pool toy that has seen a lot of use in my family. We use this slide in our own pool and consider it much safer than any of the other slides on the market. With seven air chambers and a heavy duty base, the Intex Waterslide easily stays in place. Being someone who is always concerned about safety, I am very happy with how this Intex slide. To make sure that the slide stays slippery for your kids, make sure to attach a garden house to the slide. While you may think the slide will stay slippery with constant play, I found the extra water makes it even more fun for kids!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Banzai The Plunge Water Slide

Looking for a slide that is perfect for younger and older children alike? If so, we think you will love the Banzai The Plunge Water Slide. This slide has a larger weight capacity than the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide, but is a little bit steeper. This makes it perfect for not only older children, but for mom and dad to slide down with little ones as well. With a nice size kiddy pool, the whole family can have fun playing on this adorable slide!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Inflatable Swimming Pool Shock Rocker

Are you looking for an adorable pool toy that can fit four children and is perfect for outdoor outings? We personally love the Inflatable Swimming Pool Shock Rocker. My girls love playing on this rocker, along with the neighborhood kids. We have used the rocker in our own pool and at our local lake that allows swimming. While it is a fairly simple toys, kids love it since it allows them to rock and roll using their own body.

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Big Sea-Saw Rocker

Out of all the water toys my daughters own, this has to be the most talked about water toy in their collection. This water toy can hold up to 300 pounds and is a whopping 90 inches across, making it a very large, but fun water toy. My girls have played with this Big Sea-Saw Rocker themselves, and with Daddy in our own pool. This vinyl rocker has its own handles, making it a safe but fun toy that can easily be enjoyed by everyone in your entire family. To see what my children thought of this adorable toy, check out our review of the Big Sea Saw Rocker.

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

I just recently found out about the Swimline Fireboat Squirter and I have to say from what I have seen, I love it! My girls recently got to play with this inflatable boat at their friends house. This cute boat has a built in water gun, allowing kids to shoot at others in the pool, leading to quite a bit of fun. All the children in the pool were pretending they were on patrol, looking for ‘bad guys’. Since this little boat is fairly inexpensive, it is perfect for not only individuals with pools, but a trip to the water park!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy

Do you have little ones that love to play basketball? If so, we think you will love the Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy. This inflatable set comes with everything you need to play basketball in the pool. What I love so much about this set is it keeps kids moving. No more lounging around in the pool or staying on floatation devices. Our kids were swimming across the pool like crazy to get the ball, leading to hours of family fun!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Swimline Giant Sea Dragon Inflatable Pool Toy

Out of all the new toys we purchased this year, I have to say that the Swimline Giant Sea Dragon is my favorite. This adorable purple dragon can hold up to 225 pounds, allowing two to three children to play on this ridable dragon. Being the newest toy in the pool, all the neighborhood kids fought over who got to ride the purple dragon. We even allowed our preschooler and toddler to ride on this together with Mommy’s help, allowing for some adorable family pictures!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Swimline Galleon Raider Water Toy

Do you have a little pirate in your house? Our preschooler absolutely loves pirates! When we saw the Swimline Galleon Raider Water Toy, we knew it had to come home with us. This little raft can eat two to three children and comes with a gang plank and rope surrounding the boat, allowing eveyrone to play safely on this boat. I was even surprised to see that it wasn’t very easy to tip, leading to the kids shaking the boat and trying to knock off the older kids. The kids also loved that it had swim through seats, allowing for a quick getaway!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Swimline Log Flume Joust Set

I’ll be the first to admit, my daughters love to rough house, especially with the twin boys who live down the street. When my husband saw the Log Flume Joust Set online, he didn’t even wait to ask my thoughts on this set. From what we have seen, the kids love it as much as he thought. They ride around on inflatable logs and love whapping one another one another with the whoppers. My youngest daughter especially loves this set since she is able to whap Daddy, making him all wet before she is dunk in the pool herself! This is another inexpensive toy that is perfect for any family!

Water Toys for Preschoolers: Where to Buy

Found the perfect water toys for your family? Don’t forget that all these toys can purchased be cheaper than most big box retailers. With free shipping and inexpensive fast shipping, you can easily create the perfect summer for the entire family with these awesome pool toys!

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