Babystar Baby Float

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Inflatable Lil' Star Baby Float
In the meantime we suggest that you consider the Intex 56582EP Inflatable Lil’ Star Baby Float. It has many of the same features – it allows for a safe, shady, float in the pool.

Babystar Baby Float

During the summer months, everyone loves to go out and play in the pool, but this typically leaves both baby and another adult (usually Grandma or Mommy) having to sit out and watch everyone else have fun, or take the risk of holding an infant or toddler in the water as everyone else swims. Knowing that everyone loves playing in the pool, Intex has created the Babystar Baby Float to allow parents and baby the chance to float in the water, enjoying the sun like everyone in the family.

In this unique baby float, your child can float in the water comfortably with built-in shade and toys built into the handle bars, allowing baby to enjoy the sun with everyone else while an adult is close at hand. As long as your baby is able to sit up on its own, they will fit easily in this float with its comfortable baby chair and leg holes, designed to keep your infant happy in the pool. What most infants loved are the built in handle bar toys, which can manipulated in multiple ways by the baby, moving and squeaking to keep baby entertained. Parents and Grandparents will also appreciate the fact that nearly any water toy they bring is easily accessible by the baby, since there is a mesh ring inside that can hold a variety of toys.

Even children who are normally scared of the water have enjoyed the Babystar Baby Float. If you would like your child to be getting a little more sun, you can even remove the shade portion of the float, which can easily be reattached due to the built in Velcro. With this toy’s sturdy build, you also will not have to worry about any unforeseen accidents since the toy is heavy enough to not tip easily in the pool. Knowing this, parents should still be cautious and stay close at hand in case any accidents do occur. It is also recommended that you not put any child over 25lbs in the Babystar Baby Float.

Unfortunately, like many Intex toys, the Babystar Baby Float does not come with a warranty, but does include a tool kit to patch any tears. As long as you purchase the toy from Amazon, however, you can expect to get great customer service if anything does go wrong. You can pick up this great baby float for under $20 at Amazon, allowing the whole family to enjoy some summer fun.

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